Our Story

gerald and kristine

We know your satisfaction will depend on our workmanship and service more than anything else. This is why we have implemented strict quality control and customer service programs. Allow us to tell you about two simple but important things we do different than most of our competitors.

Two simple but important differences

When your vehicle is in our shop, no less than four technicians will work on it. Before your car or truck can move from one person to the next, all previous work must be checked. If a problem is found, your vehicle will be returned to the proper technician until everything is perfect.

Our office staff will never throw the keys at you and make you find your vehicle. They will always take you to your car or truck and show you everything we have done. Although this may sound strange, it is a common occurrence at auto body and mechanical shops.


Our philosophy of doing business

Besides implementing quality control and customer service programs, we have taken a different philosophical approach to our business. Our top priorities are customer and employee satisfaction. These are not priorities one and two respectively; both are equally important.
Why? Because we want to give our customers the same quality workmanship every time they come to us. We cannot do this if we have a high turnover of employees and do not know the capabilities of our technicians and office staff.

This is why we have created a clean, safe work environment, purchased additional equipment our employees need to work efficiently, and provided a benefits package unparalleled in the collision repair industry. So far, our investments have paid off. Our customers and employees are very happy.

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